Treatment Consultation


They do not have to be alone.
Their recovery can start with you.

In working with high profile clients, Primary Recovery Services has been able to protect the anonymity of all involved while providing the best therapeutic fit during our addiction treatment consultations and beyond. We are not affiliated with any treatment facilities, however we have developed strong relationships with several of the more clinically-sophisticated providers in the industry that are able to cater to the particular needs of such clientele.

We consider age, gender, previous treatment experience, co-occurring disorders, mental health, medical health, location and family resources when creating a plan after an addiction treatment consultation. In some cases the addicted person will need medical detox. Primary Recovery Services excels in matching the individual with the right detox protocol.

Treatment Consultation is an essential part of the recovery process, which enables clients to enter the solution while avoiding premature departure from treatment.

Primary Recovery Services have extensive experience with addiction treatment consultations, mental health issues, disordered eating, compulsive gambling and sex addiction. Choosing the right treatment program can be confusing and overwhelming. Our objective with addiction treatment consultations is to provide a well-constructed plan with clear and appropriate choices for the client.