Intensive Case Management


Providing structure and accountability to ensure continued success in recovery.

Primary Recovery Services’ Intensive Case Management (ICM) saves lives! We are able to implement a plan which provides the greatest probability for long-term recovery. Recovering individuals are at their greatest risk of relapse during their first year as they acclimate to living life on life’s terms. Statistically speaking, the odds are against them and relapse often occurs when left to their own devices, without professional guidance and a formal plan of recovery in place.

Primary Recovery Services provides Intensive Case Management for families and individuals that are struggling with mental health disorders and substance use. It is a long-term, integrated process that involves working with our trusted advisors to ensure that the family needs are supported and that their loved ones get the best care possible. We work closely with family members and their loved ones to provide a comprehensive, end-to-end, support management treatment plan for everyone’s recovery needs.

Intensive Case Management is designed to help individuals and their families thrive in recovery.

Our services provide the following support for families and individuals:


  • Create Treatment Plan to support family recovery
  • Facilitate communication between treatment providers and family members
  • Manage crisis events through challenging family dynamics
  • Develop safe and healthy boundaries
  • Improve communication among family members


  • Develop and execute Treatment Plan
  • Establish short-term and long-term goals
  • Provide ongoing recovery coaching and mentoring
  • Provide life coaching (career, academic, relationships, nutrition, and spiritual guidance)
  • Establish daily check in’s
  • Create and maintain healthy lifestyle routines and practices
  • Develop relapse prevention strategies
  • Navigate self-help and other peer support meetings
  • Manage recovery and care coordination
  • Attend and communicate with relevant clinical and medical team
  • Manage medication and monitoring
  • Optional: Provide soberlink and drug test monitoring