Family Consulting


We use a systems based approach to introduce and implement change.

We have a long history of working in very complex family systems. Many of our clients are involved in “family run businesses”. Many individuals are very complicated. – multiple diagnoses, conflicted relationships. Some have been called “difficult “ or “entitled”. Some have challenges with poor impulse control and frustration tolerance. We believe that all human behavior serves a function and are experienced in sorting out a clear pathway to health.

In order to maintain a behavioral change a person requires support.

Oftentimes this support offered in the past has been ineffective and sometimes even feel like it hurts more than it helps.

We look at the strengths and successes of each group and then utilize these qualities to address the issues at hand. We believe in compassion, dignity and respect and have helped groups speak their “truth” to each other in order to produce actionable results.

Family Consultation may be an alternative to a “Structured Intervention Process”, or may occur before ( or after ) a professionally facilitated intervention.