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My family and I contracted the services of Paul Gallant to assist in an invitational intervention for my brother this past weekend. Paul was able to work with each member of my family to address their concerns for my brother and to understand our goals for him going forward. He is extremely easy to talk with as he is a talented listener and is not “set” on one particular path or solution. He truly takes the time to understand and assess the situation and devise a strategy going forward with multiple options, scenarios and contingencies. Paul was available every time that I tried to contact him from early in the morning until late at night. He responded to my initial email looking for help within 15 minutes. My family recognizes that my brother has many challenges ahead, however, Paul provides a large amount of relief as we know Tim will be able to rely on Paul’s expertise and guidance going forward. We found Paul to be an invaluable resource during this extremely challenging time.



I’ve known and worked with Paul and Sue for almost ten years. In an ever-changing industry, Paul and Sue have upheld the utmost integrity and ethics. Further, I have found very few professionals who provide their services that have such a high ability to work with patients with very complex psychiatric symptoms and substance abuse issues. I have nothing but complete respect for and faith in their professionalism and calming demeanor.



How lucky we were to have found Paul Gallant. From the moment we realized we needed some help for a family member and reached out to him… straight through the in-residence and then re-entry recovery period… Paul was a source of 24/7 support, guidance and sound judgement.



Primary Recovery Service’s respectful support, compassion and guidance is second to none when it comes to successfully assisting a loved one to agree to accept treatment while maintaining one’s dignity. Paul Gallant is fully engaged and in control so that family members may remain such for their loved one during the process.

Sarah Verrelli


Mountainside Treatment Center has partnered with Paul Gallant and his team to help families and their loved ones find the strength to overcome addiction for over 15 years. Paul Gallant works to empower and educate families and in turn positively motivate their loved one to become willing to accept treatment. Paul continues to support the family as their loved one goes through our continuum of care and well after the treatment process. The team at Primary Recovery Services has helped countless families get on the path to regaining a happy and healthy life free of addiction.



Paul is a godsend to our family. We were losing our son to a mental disease he is unaware of. The care, concern, and compassion combined with gentle but firm leadership as Paul guided our family through an intervention that has led our son to a treatment center down South. We are in continued communication with Paul, his depth of knowledge and experience provides our family with comfort and hope. We cannot thank Paul and PRS enough!



My first words to Paul were “thank you for answering our call” – our loved one was spiraling away from life in spite of our efforts. The worst feeling ever is to realize you are inadequate to help the one person you have given your very best to and love more than life itself. I realize now that Paul initiated our family healing process in that very first call – he gave us the path and structure to follow but most importantly, his commitment that he would not accept failure. It was amazing to see the immediate impact he had in our loved one – commanded respect, trust, empathy and compassion – we had a successful intervention. Our journey has just begun and we are blessed to have Paul with us. Paul- thank you again for answering our call.

Daniel L.


Recently we needed to get our son into rehab immediately. We called Paul, who had him set up in a 28 day program starting that same day. He helped us all that day and was there whenever I called over that 28 day period. He then helped us find a great aftercare for our son where he is right now. Paul is more than a great interventionist, he is truly our good friend now. He is caring, compassionate and knowledgeable and we would highly recommend him.