Intervention is the act of modifying a process or situation.

Intervention – Whether it is substance use disorders or mental illness, the ripple effects these issues have on family members and friends is often devastating. It is nearly impossible to rationalize with someone caught in the grips of substance use or psychiatric crisis. We create a safe, loving environment where the individual in need of help is met with kindness, dignity, and respect. They experience those who love them most in a collective effort to provide a reasonable course of action for treatment designed to deliver the help they need.

Our team of seasoned interventionists provide a structured and focused format – blending clinical expertise with love and concern. Only collectively, through love, determination, and professional guidance, can we break the vicious cycle and begin the transformation into the world of recovery.

In a well-planned and executed intervention, not only is the client intervened upon, but the entire family is also treated as well. These are the areas of focus when working with families and loved ones.


  • Selecting and educating the family team members about the intervention process.
  • Educating family team members about their loved one’s mental health or substance use disorder.
  • Review and present best treatment options available to individual and family
  • Facilitate pre-intervention rehearsal
  • Conduct and execute intervention with family team members


  • Provide and assist “Safe Passage” travel arrangements to treatment
  • Manage client case with treatment team and family
  • Provide family support and resources
  • Engage with treatment center team and family for aftercare plan