Safe Passage


We have clinicians who can be at your home or office in less than 24 hours.

Primary Recovery Services specializes in providing safe passage for clients to and from treatment. We have found that following an intervention or during times of change clients can feel raw or emotional which makes it important to have supervision and companionship during this critical next stage.

PRS selects escorts based on their experience, education, training and counselling skills. All of our staff are professionals with years of experience. They are especially selected because of their expertise in handling troubled people — often scared and sometimes angry — in a caring and peaceful manner turning a possible unpleasant situation into a positive one.

Because of their training and experience, they are able to answer many of the client’s questions.

  • We take the fear and mystery out of the experience, both for the families and for the client. We know the decision to place a loved one into a treatment program is an agonizing one. We also know the decision to have that person escorted is a difficult, but sometimes necessary one.
  • We work very closely with the families and professionals making the best possible arrangements to fit the client’s needs. We recognize the importance of selecting the right agents to do the transport. The rapport that develops between the agents and the client can have a lasting impact, and we want this impact to be a positive one. We believe it is important for every client to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • To lessen the stress on the families, we will make all travel arrangements keeping in mind efficiency and cost effectiveness. We also stay in constant contact with the families and the professional during the entire trip with updates on the progress. Once the trip is completed and the client is safely with the chosen program, the agent will then call the families and give a full description of the trip.
  • We carry liability insurance specifically written for the transport of clients. This is a critical difference and we would ask you to consider this strongly when thinking about a transport company.

Our Staff

  • Have undergone a thorough background investigation
  • Have been trained in CPR and First Aid
  • Are familiar with each treatment center we work with