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Intervention is the act of entering a situation in order to change its course.

Interventions: Whether it is addiction (alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling), mental illness, or eating disorders, the ripple effect these addictions have on the people surrounding the addict is often devastating. It is nearly impossible to rationalize with someone caught in the grips of addiction. We have a profound understanding of the addictive brain and create a safe, loving environment where the individual in need of help will be met where they are in their life. They will feel the power and presence of those who love and care about them most in a collective effort to provide them with the help they desperately need.

Our team of seasoned and experienced interventionists provide a structured and focused format while blending clinical expertise with each family’s care and concern in order to get their loved one into treatment. The intervention is a highly structured process beginning from the moment we’re called. We are determined to break the cycle of addiction by navigating you and your loved one from crisis to recovery.

There is an old adage, that quips, “if nothing changes, nothing changes.” Addiction will not resolve itself when left alone. In fact, it is a progressive, fatal illness when left untreated. Only collectively, through the use of love, determination and professional guidance, can we break that vicious cycle and begin the transformation into the world of recovery.

In a well-planned and executed intervention, not only is the client intervened upon, the entire family is treated, which is precisely what we do at Primary Recovery Services. This includes:

  • Educating all concerned intervention team members about both the intervention process and the disease of addiction
  • Selecting the best fit for treatment amongst thousands of treatment facilities
  • Facilitating a rehearsal
  • Conducting the intervention
  • Managing the client case while they’re in treatment
  • Assisting with aftercare decision making
  • Providing family members with support and resources
  • Assisting with travel arrangements

Additional services may include Sober Escorts, Sober Companion, and Intensive Case Management. We have been helping families around the world since 1986 and are available to begin working with yours during times of crisis within a 24-hour timeframe.


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