Why should I use a certified interventionist professional?

Our interventionists are well trained, master’s level, certified intervention professional who lead the family through a very emotionally charged process. At Primary Recovery Services we are able to get the identified patient to agree to go to treatment over 85% of the time. We continue to assist by doing case management while the person is in treatment, holding the treatment center accountable for providing excellent care.

The process includes identifying a team of family members and friends who care for the identified patient. The make up of this group plays a crucial role in a successful intervention. Our certified interventionists will help you assemble the team and provides the structure and training for this group. Each person will compose a letter, following our format, which conveys three things. First each person tells the identified patient how much they care about them. Next, the letter describes concerns and how the IP has affected the family system. Finally, there is the offer of solution. There may be an additional part, written on a separate sheet of paper which describes boundaries and limits if the person refuses treatment.

At Primary Recovery Services, we work for the families that hire us. We are not affiliated with and do not get paid by treatment centers. Our clinical recommendations are based on the needs of each patient and the resources available to each family. There are some “interventionists” who take kick backs for referrals – this practice is against our ethics. There are other interventionists who do not meet the minimum clinical or educational requirements to become certified. There are also therapists who have little to no training and do not fully understand the intricacies of this complex process.

We have been doing this work since 1986 and have established many excellent relationships in the treatment industry. Our team will help you navigate the often confusing landscape of the treatment options. You may put one person into treatment in your lifetime, we place two or three patients each month. Our team has “frequent flyer” status at many of the nations top treatment centers and know who to call if a problem arises.

There are many options available to a family seeking a certified interventionist. At Primary Recovery Services we ask you to make sure that your interventionist is ethical, well trained, compassionate and kind. We are confidant that after you do your research you will choose PRS.

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