Thank you again for your responsiveness, flexibility and valuable
counsel this weekend.   It is very much appreciated.   My family and I
feel very good that with your help, we were able to assist Tim back
onto a positive path and we are hopeful that he will do the work
necessary for him to stay on that path.

I would like to offer the following endorsement/feedback for you to
utilize in whatever fashion you like:

My family and I contracted the services of Paul Gallant to assist in
an invitational intervention for my brother this past weekend.    Paul
was able to work with each member of my family to address their
concerns for my brother and to understand our goals for him going
forward.   He is extremely easy to talk with as he is a talented
listener and is not “set” on one particular path or solution.   He
truly takes the time to understand and assess the situation and devise
a strategy going forward with multiple options, scenarios and
contingencies.   Paul was available every time that I tried to contact
him from early in the morning until late at night.  He responded to my
initial email looking for help within 15 minutes.   My family
recognizes that my brother has many challenges ahead, however, Paul
provides a large amount of relief as we know Tim will be able to rely
on Paul’s expertise and guidance going forward.   We found Paul to be
an invaluable resource during this extremely challenging time.

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